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Brain Injury 

A brain injury is an invisible disability that can change your life in so many ways.  In the weeks and months following a brain injury, many people feel disoriented, lonely, afraid and overwhelmed.   Often the survivor may look fine, yet feel very different on the inside, as they struggle with the physical, cognitive and emotional impact of their injuries.  Individual counselling can be successful in treating 

* Depression and anxiety

* Difficulty controlling emotions

* Loss or changes in relationships with family and friends

* Financial strain

* Difficulty adjusting to changes in work, school, or home life

* Grieving the pre-injury self

* Social isolation

* Personality changes


* Worry about managing post-injury life 

Family Counselling 

“A brain injury doesn’t just change the life of an individual; it changes the lives of everyone around them.”  

If your family member has suffered a brain injury, you may be seeking support as a caregiver, or  

as a loved one, looking for coping skills and strategies to manage the changes in your lives.